Homedekar Shop Contact Number? 


Is Goods and Service Tax(GST) Applicable?

Yes, Prices are inclusive of Goods and Service Tax(GST).

What are COD(Cash on delivery) Charges?

COD Charges are commission charged by the respective service provider for providing the cash on delivery service. It is applicable only on COD payments and not on prepaid payments.

Whether delivery Charge is applicable?

Delivery Charge is applicable and it will be based on the amount charged by the respective courier service and with regard to COD additional charges will be applicable.

How many days it will take to deliver?

It depends upon the distance and the courier service, however it take 3 to 7 working days from the date of dispatch.

What in case of damage products are delivered?

We ensure good packing, but however in case of damage due to transportation or courier mishandling, we are not responsible and therefore it is at the own risk of the buyer.

Can the products be exchanged?

Parcel opening video proof must be there in order to claim refund / replacement of manufacturing defects products or missing products.

How much days it will take to process the order?

It will take 2 working days to process the orders.

What is the minimum order value for delivery?

Minimum order value for delivery is Rs. 1000 for Cash on delivery and Rs.500 for Online Payment.

Are the products returnable?

No, the products are not returnable.